Luna Mobile Application design

Branding, UI, UX, design
High fidelity prototype for a User Generated Response feature

Luna is an addictive way to quench your curiosity. Post your own polls and get results fast. You can then compare the results of your friends and the Lunaverse. My part is on the design team where I am working on branding and designing various features for the upcoming releases.

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The three main screens of the current app. From left to right: Profile, Poll, and Ask

In progress cards concept for a future UI update

Landing page design for

Design for an administrative web interface displaying the results and analytics of a poll

Wireframes for an early version of Commenting

Outcome of a whiteboarding brainstorm session on the Groups and Hashtags feature

Project Role, Process and Challenges

I was brought on to this team in the middle stages of this project. When I joined there was already a developed build, however it hadn't been released to the app store. My contributions started out with wireframing and designing the Question Administration feature for the back end. Next up was a rebrand in which we came up with different personas for tha application and did a design sprint to really explore the different characteristics of our selection. Since then I've been working on a Commenting/User Generated Response feature, favoriting, updating the profile, exploring an updated UI and the function of groups and hashtags.

One of the challenges of this project was joining in the middle of it. I had to quickly get acquainted with the material and learn what the heart of Luna was. The branding exercise was a real test in that regards because if you don't understand the ins and outs of what you're branding then elements aren't going to align.

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