Information Design

School assignments done in the Information Design course

7 Day Media Usage

Information design is a different way of thinking because it requires meticulous attention to detail. The 7 Day Media Usage project is printed at 22”x17” and the typeface used is Din. For this project I kept track of the different types of media I used for a week and then translated that information into a graphic. One of the biggest decisions during this project was the initial one; how do I display the data in an easily digestable way? The data could be translated in a numerous amount of ways. I contemplated bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts util I finally settled on bagel charts.

Choosing the right colors to represent each media application One challenge that I came across was c. I had to take into account the vibrance of each section against the background and also against the colors adjacent to them. Another challenge of this project was font size. I had to consider readability and find the right heirarchy for the different types of information.

Country Data

The Country Data project is printed at 34”x22” and the typeface used is Gill Sans. For this project I was assigned a country and had 13 different pieces of information to display. Some examples of data that I had to illustrate was energy consumption, nearby country data, population specifics, imports/exports and more.

At first all of the tasks were overwhelming - the sheer amount of data I had to include seemed immense. To begin I gathered the necessary information and then compiled the different pieces in to categories: Geography, Economy, Consumption, Demographics and the Historical Timeline. Because of the various pieces of data, I made sure to represent them in different ways so as to create visual interest. I didn’t want the design to seem sporadic so I chose to use color in a way that ties everything together. Each category has a color designated to their corresponding section, and I chose to use purple as the accent color to make the piece seem more cohesive. Another aspect of the work that adds to the cohesiveness is the style of iconography. I made sure that they were drawn in the same way to further the visual relationship between the sections.

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