IDEA website redesign

UI, UX, Design, HTML/CSS, WordPress

IDEA is Northeastern University’s student-run venture accelerator. It provides student start-ups with the resources they need to expand their ideas and and become successful. As ventures move through the Ready-Set-Go stages, they receive personalized coaching and advice along the way so that they may ultimately apply to IDEA’s gap fund.

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Responsive design for a variety of devices

The first stage of an Idea venture: Ready

Call to Action area at the end of Ready Set Go, leading in to the featured venture

Low fidelity wireframes of various pages

Wireframes for the overall homepage layout and the Ready-Set-Go section

Project Role

My main role in this project was on the design team. I was tasked with the entierty of the home page from wireframing to design to front end development. I helped with front end development support and mobile responsiveness throughout the rest of the site as well. I worked with three other Scout studio members during this project, and we all helped each other by critiquing on InVision and providing support wherever needed.

Process and Challenges

The boundaries for this project were the IDEA brand’s pre-existing colors and their preferred aesthetic; modern. Working within these limits, the color scheme throughout the website is mainly black and white with pops of color to highlight certain areas. The combintion of the predominant light weight Helvetica-Neue typeface and icons add to the airy modern feel of the website. However, in order to ground the site itself and add a more human feel to it, the design team unanimously chose to make sure there were plenty of photographs included in the design. Photographs, along with various subtle patterns and interactivity made the website more dynamic as a whole.

Tasked with designing the home page was one of the largest design challenges of the website. It has to grab the user’s attention and display the necessary information in a logical and visually pleasing way. I took in to account what the user would want to know first: “What is IDEA anyways?”. Hence the clear description of what IDEA is and does as soon as the user opens the site. Some difficulties were how exactly to display the Ready-Set-Go section, but after plenty of sketching and critiquing we as the design team were able to come to a consensus. Another difficult part was making the CTAs feel as though they were a part of the whole landing page and not just awkwardly placed pop up buttons. The featured venture section was also highly contested amongst the design team. From content choice to design, we came to the solution based on available content and the cohesiveness between aesthetics and functionality.

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