Fresh Truck branding and website redesign

Branding, UI, UX, Web design

Fresh Truck is a non-profit mobile food market on a mission to support food access and community health in Boston. They are affecting a shift in health outcomes by providing Boston neighborhoods access to fresh, nutritious food options while building health-centered food culture.

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Responsive design for mobile devices

About page describing the mission of Fresh Truck

Interactive tool to view the schedule for a specific neighborhood

Interface for booking the Fresh Truck for an event

Informational chart comparing communities with and without food access

Information Architecture and early wireframes

Final primary logo for Fresh Truck

Project Role

This project spanned four months and during those months our small team was slated to do a complete rebrand with a new logo and accompanying style guide, a complete website refresh, a design for a new bus wrap and also a blueprint of the inside of the bus that optimized the checkout process. I had a hand in many parts of this project but my main role was as the web designer. I also helped manage the content. The developer and I both worked on gathering and organizing the old and new content - we communicated with the client what parts were missing and what parts might be confusing to the user. The other aspects of this project that I was involved in was logo concepting and helping develop the User Experience for the new bus layout.

Process and Challenges

We began this project with all members of the team focused on branding - afterall without branding we would be unable to continue on to our other deliverables. We did exercises with the clients to thoroughly understand their brand values and then concepted from there. Once we were in a good spot, two of us broke off to pursue the web portion. We gathered the content and did an Information Architecture exercise before we started to sketch out wireframes. After the team and client were satisfied with the structure of the website, we got to designing and incorporating the new brand elements. After rounds of revisions and feedback, the design was handed off to the developer.

One of the challenges on this project was organizing the content and figuring out where to put it on the website. Because there were two types of target audiences - investors and the everyday consumer - there was some back and forth on content hierarchy. The "Why Food" page was also difficult to design. There are so many ways to represent the information on that page that it was tough to arrive at the right layout to display the content. The other challenge was implementing the new brand and its colors - it was the first time the new brand would be applied to anything digital and so the team had many discussions on how to treat certain elements on the page such as quotes, photos, headers and CTAs.

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