Fitchix product creation and responsive web design

Branding, UI, UX, Web design

Fitchix is a web application geared towards women between their early 20's to mid 30's who actively want to lose weight and improve their health and fitness. The concept of Fitchix is to provide a place where females have access to the resources they need to achieve their goals, while also becoming educated about their physical fitness and nutritional well-being.

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Responsive design for mobile devices

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Body Muscle workout selector

Workout list for specific muscle
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Project Role, Process and Challenges

For this school project I was in charge of everything from concepting to branding, UI, UX and design. Because the subject of this class was Interaction Design, I went through the complete cycle of creating a product with an emphasis on the role of a UI and UX designer. I came up with a rough concept and iterated on that based on the target audience and the persona that I created. To get started, I created user flows and different scenarios in which I envisioned how my target audience would interact with the product. I then created wireframes and did user testing which informed what was/wasn't working and also what features to include/exclude.

One of the challenges of this project was adapting the design to make sure that the target audience could clearly understand the web application. During user testing I had found that certain icons weren't clear and also that parts of it were overwhelming. Upon hearing this I realized that I had lost sight of one of the most important characteristics of Fitchix - ease of use. I had focused on clarity too much that I ended up overdoing it which led to a convoluted design.

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